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Flood Protection and Defence Systems

Approved Installers - property level flood defence systems

Yorkshire Dampcourse is approved by the manufacturer for the installation of Floodsave flood protection barriers and their flood defence systems. We cover the whole of the Yorkshire area and beyond.

Property level flood defence panel



The patented Floodsave system provides a fully comprehensive flood protection system that covers all aspects of domestic and commercial property flooding. By installing this system you get the peace of mind that comes from enabling insurance cover, even where it was not available previously.



Floodsave flood protection panels are one of the lowest visual impact systems on the market. Low profile fixings of a ready-to-install system are not really noticeable, and have been specifically approved for use on listed buildings because of that. There are no ugly permanent fixing brackets.

The Floodsave system comprises: -

  • A proven and patented flood barrier system, which has been tested by BSI and awarded the Kitemark. 
  • Unique push-in non-return valves prevent back flow from flooded drains entering the property. Up to 50% of insurance claims for flooding are attributed to back flow from local sewer systems.
  • Alternative solutions, like WC pan seals and toilet bungs, where non-return valves can't be fitted.
  • Non-return valves for the protection against water entry from 32 mm and 40 mm external drainage pipes.
  • Wall and brick sealants to control water being let in or absorbed by the building fabric.
  • Every property will be subject to a full and wide-ranging survey to identify all areas of potential water ingress.
  • We are able to provide details to planning authorities so that planning application flood defence requirements are fulfilled both for existing and new build properties.
  • Comprehensive training, plus customer back-up and support services, post installation.



Flood panel to rendered opening


 For most people their home is their biggest and most important investment. In regions where there are no civil flood defence projects planned, or  substantial upgrading of  Victorian sewerage systems,  the responsibility to prevent flood damage to the property will be left to the property owner.




This is where Floodsave and YDC can help. Our system is flexible enough to be able to accommodate most sorts of building and most types of building materials, and comprehensive enough to enable insurance cover to be secured, even though cover was previously unavailable. The systems are also approved for use on listed buildings, because of the low profile of the panel fixings, which are almost invisible, when the panels are not fitted.

Government and Commercial

Floodsave provide all property owners and managers with a food protection system that covers all aspects of both domestic and commercial property flooding, and can enable insurance cover in areas where this has previously been unobtainable.

Due to the unique way that our products are constructed, Floodsave flood barriers are purpose built to fit any type and size of property. Our sealants can be applied to any kind of wall and our non-return valves are designed to fit into most sizes of pipework.

Builders and Developers

We as Floodsave representatives are very happy to be involved at an early design stage and are delighted to help with building/material specification and design to ensure that comprehensive flood defence is built-in for the minimum cost.

Our Literature

You can download our literature by clicking the link below. This leaflet answers questions as to why you should chose Floodsave flood panels and their flood defence system, and why you should chose YDC to install them for you.


Download floodleaflet_yd.pdf floodleaflet_yd.pdf


Want more information?

Contact us by clicking on the link below

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Note: Source 1 Environmental (part of Flexseal Ltd) distribute the Floodsave range of flood control products.

Floodsave and the Floodsave logo are copyright and used with permission.  


Flood defence Scotland A flood defence system for a large house in Scotland

Flood defence garden wall Flood defence garden wall This is a case study on work to design and build a flood protection garden wall, including a flood gate, to protect a house from flooding.

Latest News

Property Care Association launches Flood Protectio 15 Jul 2014
The Property Care Association has launched a new initiative that will deliver assurance and certainty to those looking to protect themselves from the worst effects of future floods. The new Flood Protection Group is being developed by the PCA to give consumers confidence in finding contractors, assessors and products that are right for the job.

Flood defence to lift pits in York 11 Apr 2014
Yorkshire Dampcourse have recently reviewed a bespoke flood defence job protecting lift shafts in a car park below appartments in York.

1st April 2014 New Flood Grants 7 Apr 2014
From 1/4/2014 there are new property level flood defence grants available.

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Flood defence for a riverside stone house Three flood panels fitted to a stone house next to the River Aire

Flood defence non-return valves (NRV) What do you do if you can't use a push-in valve in your soil pipe inspection chamber?

Downloads within Flood Protection and Defence Systems category

Property level flood defence Yorkshire Dampcourse has a range of solutions to protect houses from flooding, and to remediate those house that have flooded

Flood defence panel technical drawing This is the basic technical drawing for the Watertight International flood panel installation.

Flood panel technical drawing with base metal This is the basic technical drawing for the Watertight International flood defence panel where there is a base metal included in the installation.

Floodsave Z clamp fitting instructions This is how to fit one of the Floodsave key components - the Z clamp.

Floodsave flood panel L brackets This is how to fit the Floodsave flood panel L bracket.

Flood panel base metal fitting instructions These are the instructions for fitting flood panel base metals (where they are required).

Flood panel side metal fitting instructions These are the fitting instructions for the flood panel side metal (where one is required).

Floodsave Squeeze-down clamp fitting innstructions These are the fitting instructions for the Floodsave Squeeze-down clamp

3 more ...
Insurance soars because of flood risk
Yorkshire Dampcourse have installed flood panels at the company owner's house next to the River Aire. Insurance premiums rose to an unacceptable level, making self-insurance and the panels a viable option. comments

Flood defence to lift shafts in York
Yorkshire Dampcourse provided and installed flood defence panels to 2 lift shafts in York. This is a link to to a press release by the panel manufacturer. comments

Environment Agency - useful information
The Environment Agency website has many pages of information on flood risk and alleviation. comments

Case Study - a flood defence system for a house in Northern Ireland

YDC was asked by flood panel manufacturer and specialist Watertight International (now Flood Control Ltd) to advise on, and install, a flood defence system for a large house in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Front of house

       The house is fully rendered and painted. The only openings that would allow water into the house are the front door, rear patio doors, and two adjacent doors to the utility and boiler rooms.

      The house has flooded in the past and the owner, having refurbished the house, wants to protect the work he has done and the contents from flood damage.

      YDC travelled to Belfast, and carried with it the three Floodsave panels for the installation and all the necessary tools and fixings necessary to complete the installation. The ferry arrived at 06:30, so we had a long day ahead, and completed the installation the same day. 



Rear of house and River Lagan     

      The flood threat to the house is from the River Lagan at the bottom of the garden.








Rear garden gentle slope to river     


       Flood water does not really have to rise that far up the lawn to inundate this lovely house.

      The flood panel for the patios doors can bee seen in the right of the photo.







The front door WI panel      YDC installed a 300 mm high Floodsave flood panel to the front door. This seals to the render on the sides and to a metal plate, which is installed first, to allow the whole panel to provide a water resistant barrier around the whole front door opening.

      Both the Floodsave panel and the metal base are stored away from the area and fitted during any flood threat. This takes about 10 minutes per panel.





Front door panel fixings



      What this client, and other clients that chose Floodsave panels, like about the system is the low profile of the fixings. You can see one fixing each to the left and right, and five fixings that take the base metal. This is all that remains "on show", while the panel and base metal are elsewhere in storage.






Fixing close up and white cap     


      This is a close up of one of the fixings in the tiled area to the front of the door. The white cap is removed only when the flood panel is to be fitted, during a flood threat.







Below - the wide double patio doors with double side lights meant that a very wide panel needed to be specified. This panel was 4 metres wide and strengthened with a steel insert. Because the panel is so large, YDC supplied a trolley to help the client move the unit to and from storage. 

Rear patio doors wide WI panel


Boiler and utility room door's panel     


      The boiler and utility room entrance doors are next to each other. This made it sensible to cover the whole area with a single span of panel.








The WI non-return valve in position     


       Whilst the least glamorous of these photos (!), one of the important protection devices for the house was the installation of the unique Floodsave push fit non-return valve (NRV).

      50% of flooding of houses is caused by backup of the sewerage system, leaving all ground floor toilets at risk. The NRV flap opens when water flows from the house in to the sewerage system, but is closed if water attempts to travel back up the route.

      For added protection, during a flood threat, the flap on the valve can also be locked closed. This lock can be seen on the top right of the valve - a little blue lever. Simple!




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