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Pre-purchase Damp and Timber Reports

You're buying your dream home and you've agreed a price with the vendors. Your mortgage company have sent the chartered surveyor to inspect and value the property and you wait for the report with trepidation. Then you are informed that you need a damp and timber survey, Japanese knotweed or even a cavity wall tie inspection.

What is a Damp and Timber Survey?

For Sale boards and need for surveys




 A pre purchase damp and timber survey carried out by a Yorkshire Dampcourse surveyor will cover everything you need (and deal with the mortgage company's questions).





  • Inspection for Rising Damp and penetrating damp
  • Inspect the accessable wooden floors for rot and beetle infestation
  • Assess whether sub floor ventilation is adequate
  • Inspect the accessable roof timbers for rot and beetle infestation
  • Comment on the visible condition of roof coverings and rainwater goods
  • Inspect the property for signs of any condensation related issues
  • Inspect the basement or cellar for signs of water ingress and ventilation 
  • Comment on the general condition of the building
  • A cavity wall tie survey is a separate inspection, but can easily be carried out at the same time.
  • An invasive weed (Japanese knotweed) is a separate inspection outside, and can be carried out at the same time.
  • We can also assess the domestic ventilation arrangements in line with Building regulations Part F, 2010.

All the above are of course subject to your instruction and requirements and the ability to actually see these things when visiting the property.  The most important aspect for any survey is whether access within the property is available. Surveys will always be limited by things such as dry lining, laminate floor covering, carpets, furnishings and kitchen units. Don't forget all those stored items too!

However we use endoscopes and dual mode moisture meters to try and see as much of a property during a survey as we possibly can.

I've already had to pay for a survey! 

The chances are that you've had to pay for a mortgage valuation, (this is for your bank or building society's benefit), or you might have paid for a chartered surveyor to carry out a 'Homebuyer's Report'. If a damp and timber report has been specified as a result of these reports this is because the surveyor has identified a potential problem that needs further investigation by a specialist. A suitable example is that you go to your GP with a problem, if he or she isn't sure how to deal with it they will refer you to a consultant who specialises in the specific problem.

Do you charge?

Nothing in life is free! So In a word YES, we will make a charge, this depends on the geographical location, the size of the property and what you want us to inspect. Costs start at £125 plus vat (£150 including VAT). We charge for the simple reason that if there isn't a problem (i.e. an opportunity for us to quote for work) we will tell you.  

Why Use Yorkshire Dampcourse?

All of our surveyors hold the CSRT (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) and CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) industry standard qualifications.

We are also members of the Property Care Association, and TrustMark, and therefore are vetted on a regular basis.

We carry professional indemnity, product liability and product guarantee insurances. This will give our clients extra peace of mind when it come to selecting YDC to do your work.

We have years and years of experience. Our surveyors have 40 years of experience between them with YDC, and our operators have 90 years of combined service with the company!

Most importantly, if we think a job does NOT need doing  - then we'll tell you!

Pre-purchase Japanese knotweed Report and Domestic Ventilation Report

We can also combine a damp and timber or wall tie report with a Japanese knotweed (or other invasive weed) infestation report. We are qualified to design, commission, test and certify domestic ventilation systems to Building Regulations Part F: 2010.   For more information on this subject and costs please contact us.

What Do I Next? 

Want to know a bit more? Click on the download section below for a useful guide about building inspections, published by The Property Care Association.

The next bit is simple! Contact us by clicking on the link below.


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Downloads within Pre-purchase Damp and Timber Reports category

Preservation Surveys - A Background Published as a white paper (guideline) the document explains the basic features of inspecting buildings for damp and timber problems.

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