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Waterproof Coatings

This is about waterproofing stone and wood surfaces.

Steel Chemicals' Water-Guard for Stone

This is a slightly opaque, water-based stone waterproofing product. It is designed to penetrate all stone, brick, pointing and render and leave an invisible waterproof coating to prevent rain penetration. It can also be used as part of the external wall coatings for flood protection work, providing resistance to water entry into houses.
 Image water_repelling_gap.jpg24 hours after application the stone surface will be waterproof.  
Notice especially the gap filling qualities of the formulation, stopping water from entering a really quite large gap. Imagine this product protecting brick and stonework on the outside of a house! No water entry into the external masonry means a dry wall that does not then draw heat from inside the house as the wall dries out. Dryer houses are warmer houses for the same amount of heat input.
 Image oil_repellence.jpg 
Seven days after application the stone surface will be oil repellent.
This makes it possible to coat driveways, or areas in industrial situations, where contamination of surfaces by oil may be a problem.
The product has been independently tested by Vinci Technologies who have certificated the product as withstanding 8 bar (120 psi) of hydrostatic pressure whilst remaining 40% vapour permeable.
This product can be used to protect any external walls from weather penetration and also has excellent salt prevention properties where chlorides are a problem.
Stone Water-Guard is perfectly safe to handle and needs no hazard markers on the drum.

These are the technical documents for Water-Guard, which you can download here. 

Download stonewaterguard.doc stonewaterguard.doc   This is the basic information leaflet

Download msdsswaterguard.doc msdsswaterguard.doc   This details the health and safety aspects of the product

Download cottransmission.pdf cottransmission.pdf   The is the certificate relating to water vapour transmission through the coating

Download cotpressuretest.pdf cotpressuretest.pdf   This is the certificate confirming the water resistance of coatings


If you have an application to stone or wood, where a waterproof surface is required, contact Yorkshire Dampcourse. We can both supply and apply these coatings.



Downloads within Waterproof Coatings category

BBA Certificate for Water-Guard This is the British Board of Agrement certificate for Steel Chemicals Water-Guard.

Steel Chemical's Water-Guard for stone These are the technical documents for Steel Chemical's Water-Guard stone waterproofer. Click on the file names to start the download.

Water-Guard vapour transmission certificate This is the certificate indicating transfer of water vapour through Water-Guard when applied to masonry.

Pressure test certificate for Water-Guard This is the water pressure testing certificate for Water-Guard applied to masonry.

Steel Chemical's Water-Guard for stone
You can view the Steel Chemicals website here comments



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